Sigmafor wall reinforcement, spacers, lintel hooks and prefabricated reinforcement

Do you want to avoid cracks in your masonry?
Do you want to make a masonry span without lintel ?
Do you want to boost your productivity when casting concrete floors, concrete walls, ring and column beams?

Multifil has been offering solutions to such structural problems ever since 2007.
In addition to our wall reinforcement system and various types of spacers, we also offer a number of spin-off products, such as Sigmafor lintel hooks, and prefabricated reinforcement for wide slab floors, foundations and ring and column beams.

Multifil products

Sigmafor wall reinforcement

SIGMAFOR wall reinforcement is a prefabricated galvanised steel wire wall reinforcement system with the aim of avoiding cracking in walls..

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Spacers (also called bolsters in the UK and the USA) are designed to maintain the distance between the lower and upper reinforcements in a concrete floor or wall. This ensures that the spacers (bolsters) provide perfect concrete coverage.

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Lintel hooks

Sigmafor lintel hooks are used for masonry spans (where no lintel is provided).

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