afstandhouders, supportliggers, spacers, bolsters, tralieliggers, multifil, betonOur ZIG-ZAG spacers are unique. They are the only patented spacers on the market.
Based on their many years of experience, and above all by paying attention to the needs and wishes of their customers, our supplier developed a new type of ZIG-ZAG spacer in 2012. Interisg has developed a spacer with no protruding ends but with vertical wires to guarantee installation safety.
Featuring both a TüV and a DBV label, the welds and wires meet the most stringent requirements. Attention was also paid to the packaging. By nesting the spacers into each other, the volume of a package is reduced by half and the packages are also very compact. The ZIG-ZAG spacer has a European patent.




  • – ZZ. R: a standard version with a load capacity of up to 350 kg/m²
  • –ZZ.HD: this DVB-certified Heavy Duty spacer can carry up to 450 kg/m²



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