Spacers (also called bolsters in the UK and the USA) are designed to maintain the distance between the lower and upper reinforcements in a concrete floor or wall. This ensures that the spacers (bolsters) provide perfect concrete coverage.
Spacers (bolsters) are made of steel wires that meet the most stringent specifications. Spacers (bolsters) can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications such as floors and walls.
Spacers (bolsters) are quick and easy to install.



1.Type A: triangular spacers

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2. Type ZIG-ZAG spacers

afstandhouders - supportliggers - spacers - tralieliggers - zigzag afstandhouders

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Multifil is the number one spacer specialist!
We have been a loyal partner of Intersig NV (= public limited company) for 10 years now. Our partner invests every year in its state-of-the-art machinery, thereby allowing Multifil to supply you with spacers that meet a wide variety of requirements.
All our spacers are manufactured under the supervision of the TüV control system. This allows our supplier to supply us with spacers that have a perfect weld to ensure that our spacers can withstand heavy loads. Our Heavy Duty spacers are certified according to the German DBV label. The DBV certificate guarantees a specific deflection or load in maximum load conditions.

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