SIGMAFOR is a prefabricated galvanised steel wire wall reinforcement system consisting of parallel wires connected by spot welding to a continuous zigzag wire, with the aim of avoiding cracking in walls and increasing the resistance of the entire wall structure.
The Sigmafor masonry reinforcement is installed in mortar (traditional masonry) or glue (glued joints for aerated concrete blocks) then firmly pressed. If necessary, the reinforcement can be covered with mortar or glue before the next foundation is laid, to ensure a secure adhesion of the bricks or blocks.
The connection between the reinforcement elements is ensured by covering a minimum of 20 cm without overlapping.


Types of Sigmafor wall reinforcement

platte, gegalvaniseerde Sigmafor muurwapening - Multifil
Two different types can be identified:

1. Round Sigmafor (SFR)

Round Sigmafor (SFR) is used for standard masonry activities (bricks).

2. Flat Sigmafor (SFP)

Flat Sigmafor (SFP) is used for aerated concrete blocks.


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Wall reinforcement packaging and storage

The Sigmafor SFR-050 and SFR-100 wall reinforcement systems are packed with 600 units per pallet, the SFR-150, 400 units and the SFR-200, 200 units.
Each package contains 5 x 20 units, except the SFR/I (stainless steel version), where each package contains 4 x 25 units.
The SFR/E-050 (epoxy 50 mm wide) is packed with 100 units and the SFR/I (stainless steel) with 1,000 units. 
Sigmafor galvanised elements should be stored in a dry place to prevent oxidation and the pallets should be stacked carefully to avoid any mechanical damage.


Sigmafor applications