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These two products are closely linked to our company, which has managed to build up an excellent reputation since 2007, particularly with the “Sigmafor” brand, as a company specialising in the sale of building materials in the Benelux and neighbouring countries.
Our speciality remains our absolute priority, in order to be able to continue to offer you top-quality products manufactured exclusively in Belgium at very competitive prices, without compromising the initial specifications and technical characteristics of our products. Accordingly, we will always carefully respect wires thicknesses, for example, as described and specified in our technical data sheets
At the end of 2012, our manufacturer launched their own hot bath galvanisation line, making them completely independent from third parties in the production process. Only steel wires are still delivered by third parties. The entire production process then takes place under own management. They also continue to invest in new machinery to constantly outperform their competitors in terms of product quality and product efficiency. In 2016 our manufacturer obtained a European patent for their new zigzag spacers. This shows that they are ahead of the curve in terms of innovation in quality, design, packaging and the manufacturing process.
They also have a huge storage capacity, which Multifil as a distributor – in addition to its own buffer stock – also makes use of at all times.
Opting for Multifil’s products, means being firmly committed to safety and security, while working together with a partner who is closely involved in the production process.
We do our utmost to be able to deliver from our stocks at all times, and guarantee you a seamless and flexible logistical process, allowing you to enjoy worthwhile consolidation options in order to offer you a free delivery service. We also provide discounts based on the quantities and volumes ordered.
Apart from our Sigmafor wall reinforcement and various types of spacers, we also offer a number of spin-off products, such as Sigmafor lintel hooks, joint reinforcement for wide slabs and prefabricated anchoring reinforcement for concrete walls and standardised prefabricated reinforcement for residential buildings.

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