1. In accordance with the specifications, Sigmafor reinforcements must be pressed into the mortar or glued joints. A cross section should be able to show the alignment of the Sigmafor reinforcement axis and the wall axis, with a minimum distance of 15 mm between the longitudinal wire and the outside of the joint. This configuration ensures an optimum transfer of stress between masonry and steel. The same applies to the specially designed Sigmafor reinforcement elements for use in damp or aggressive environments, which are protected against corrosion (epoxy and stainless steel versions).

2. If necessary, the reinforcement can also be covered with mortar or glue before the next foundation is laid, to ensure effective adhesion of the bricks or blocks.  The anchoring of Sigmafor reinforcements in the mortar bed is most effective in a standard mortar joint with a thickness of 10 mm or more because the longitudinal and zigzag wires are welded together at the same level.

3 . It is essential to cover the reinforcement with mortar to protect the (galvanised) steel from corrosion. The mortar layer above and below the reinforcement must be at least 5 mm thick and should be evenly spread over the entire length of the reinforcement. The lateral mortar layer must be at least 15 mm thick and, similarly, must be evenly spread over the entire length of the reinforcement, including the overlapping area.

4. When two Sigmafor reinforcements are joined, the Sigmafor elements must be slid into each other with a minimum overlap of 250 mm between each other. The free end of the zigzag wire must be shortened by cutting it a little before the welding point connecting it to the longitudinal wire. This is the only way the two Sigmafor elements can be laid side by side over a distance of 250 mm and pressed into the mortar.

5. When a masonry lintel is constructed by means of a stretcher course with Sigmafor reinforcement in combination with the corresponding lintel hooks, the Sigmafor element must also be inserted at least 250 mm next to the opening.

Sigmafor applications