The Sigmafor wall reinforcement system was launched in 1993. The zigzag wire was initially welded on top of the longitudinal wires.
The quality was excellent, but it soon became clear that the Sigmafor wall reinforcement was generally considered to be too thick in relation to the joint thickness. The overall thickness was twice the thickness of the wire owing to the specific welding procedure.
Consequently, the “old” Sigmafor reinforcements were only moderately successful.
A decision was taken in 2005 to build a new machine in order to have the zigzag wires welded next to the longitudinal wires.
The round version started being produced in early 2007, starting with galvanised wire on a reel. Henceforth the Sigmafor wall reinforcement, which the architects and contractors found to be “too thick”, was definitely regarded as a thing of the past! The new Sigmafor was born. 
The flat version for use in glued joints for aerated concrete blocks was also finally launched in early 2008
The range was extended in January 2008 with the epoxy version of the round Sigmafor (width 50, the SFR/E-050). Other widths are also available but are only produced on order.
Sigmafor masonry reinforcements in round and flat versions have enjoyed CE-certification status since the spring of 2008.


Sigmafor applications